Rate Explaination

Allthrees Dispatch, dispatches to multiple certified carries, offering you various services depending on your requested pickup location. We offer Taxicab & Luxury Sedan Services, 24-hours, 7-days per week.

Philadelphia Yellow Cab's rates are controlled by the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), and as such their rates are controlled by them. Currently it is $2.70 to enter a Yellow Cab and $0.23 per 1/10 of a mile and/or slow traffic and or waiting time. There is also a per trip surcharge for gas.

The suburban Taxicabs are $3.95 to get in and $0.46 per 1/5 of a mile and/or slow traffic and or waiting time.

Luxury Sedans starts at $7.00 for the 1-mile, then $0.46 per 1/5 of a mile slow traffic and or waiting time. The charges for the Luxury Sedans are comparable to regular taxicabs and offer a more comfortable ride, regardless of your destination.

Tolls, parking, gratuity, etc., are all additional charges and not included with the meter charges.


We are certified and licensed to accommodate your transportation needs in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.